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Navio is a design house that creates contemporary fashion accessories. A class apart and one that holds its own - Navio appeals to the modern urbanite. Our designs are inspired by Human and Nature’s engineering - a concept that is beautifully captured within our design philosophy. Each Navio piece is designed to exude an understated elegance and crafted to make a bold statement in classy minimalism. 

Navio is the brainchild of founder and designer - Naveen Prasad, a mechanical engineer based in Toronto, Canada. Be it within engineering, architecture or nature, the world to Naveen, is a beautiful symphony of purposeful and intelligent design. Navio is a reflection of this design ingenuity within Human and Nature’s engineering, captured and curated into pieces of art. 

Crafted in small batches using premium metal alloys, each boutique collection is testament to luxury and perfection. It is this rare blend of contemporary design and classy sophistication that appeals to the confident and fashion forward style of Navio’s collectors. 



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Navio Designs uses international standard ring sizes. The sizes shown in the product details are North American size indicators (Sizes 6, 7, 8, etc) To determine your ring size…

  1. You can download the Ring Sizer Chart Pdf from the link below, print it out at 100% magnification/zoom & follow the instructions on it. The pdf also contains a ring size template that can be used to determine your ring size using the rings you currently own.
    Download Navio Designs- Ring Sizer Chart
  2. You can visit http://findmyringsize.com follow the instructions. Please note, this is an external link and Navio Designs has no control over the ads and other content shown on their website.