The Inspiration behind the Sherman stainless steel ring

The Inspiration behind the Sherman ring


The Sherman stainless steel ring was inspired by the helmets of the battle tank crew of World War 2. I named the ring Sherman after the legendary M4 Sherman Battle tank used by the US Army during the war. Battle tanks back then, were tight spaced and carried 3 to 4 crew members. Most armored tanks did not have a turret which made the space inside even tighter with with very little head room. In addition, the rides would typically be bumpy and violent. With cramped spaces and poorly designed seating, the tank would throw the crew members around within the tight space. The crew would easily ram their heads against the walls of the tank or against the equipment in the tank. So the helmet was designed with cushioned grooves. The only purpose of those grooves is to keep the crew from unwittingly injuring themselves in the belly of this powerful war machine. When leather became scarce, the military issued these helmets made of cloth with the grooves stuffed with soft material.
Sherman Stainless Steel Ring Inspiration- Navio Designs
True inspiration came when I found this helmet in Toronto’s Kensington Market. I absolutely love how, the grooves on the ring capture and reflect light within it’s wall creating multiple shades of gold or silver. Overall, I love to see our friends pair this ring with numerous outfits & for various occasions in daily life. The Sherman ring comes in 4 finishes- Gold, Original, Black & Aged Silver. Which one are you rocking today?

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