Design Inspiration for the Erő & the Enosi

Design Inspiration for the Erő & the Enosi

The Erő 2 finger ring & the Enosi magnetic pendant were both inspired by a prominent feature found in the wing structure of most aircrafts. These 2 designs are a result of a walk down memory lane with a couple of ex-colleagues throwing back to 2009 when we worked in aircraft design as mechanical engineers. Back then, we worked for Cessna Aircraft Company, designing & modeling various aircraft structures and creating rapid prototypes of our models. One such structure we worked on is the “Rib” which is usually found in the wing of the aircraft. Ribs usually determine the thickness of the wing and provide the camber shape to the wing that enables flight. Some aircraft carry their flexible fuel tanks between the Ribs. The slit and holes on the jewelry were features that enabled the assembly of these structures with other components in the wing construction.The name Erő, Hungarian for 'strength', was inspired by the relationships we build in our life which like the Rib provide shape and strength to us enabling us to fly to reach our life goals. 

The Erő Men's 2 finger ring Navio Designs

The Enosi pendant was designed simply by creating an imaginary fold in the Erő 2 finger ring and holding them together using magnets. The result of this simple approach was a unique design that enables the Enosi to be used both as a pendant and as a ring. True to its design inspiration, when the Enosi is held together, it's edges, curves and channels all align and assemble together to form a perfect and elegant union, hence the name- Enosi, meaning Union in Greek.

Enosi Magnetic Pendant Navio Designs Inspiration

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